Woodchips mit dem Gasgrill verwenden

Wood chips work with gas barbecues, too


Dear Readers: If warmer weather is visiting your part of the country or is about to, grilling outdoors might come to mind. Wood-chip grilling isn’t only for charcoal grills — if you own a gas grill, you can use wood chips, too!

Here’s how:

# First, soak the wood chips of your choice in water or beer for about an hour. This will help the wood burn slowly, giving off a nice, light smoke.

# Loosely wrap the wood chips in a foil pouch, then punch several small pinholes in the foil.

# Put the pouch on the grill near the heat source.

# Turn on the grill until you see smoke. Next, lower the heat … and then bring on the meat.

# Remember the grilling mantra: low and slow. As you grill, the smoking chips will give whatever you’re cookin‘ a wonderful smoky flavor.

While you have the grill hot, think about cooking extra beef or chicken to freeze for a quick main dish on a busy night.

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