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can't believe I missed this

Dieses Thema im Forum "English Forum" wurde erstellt von derTexaner, 17. Juni 2010.

  1. derTexaner

    derTexaner Fleischtycoon 5+ Jahre im GSV

    I've been on this forum struggling with my horrific use of the German language and there's been an English language section here all along! oh man, glad I found it


    Anyhow, I'm from Dallas and I live in the Northern Black Forest with my family. My neighbors (all very nice people) think I'm a but crazy since I'm usually at the grill outside several times a week, regardless of the weather.

    Anyhow, great to see that there's an English speaking group here and I'm looking forward to sharing and learning here.

    keep it low and slow
    Hualan gefällt das.
  2. QBorg

    QBorg Grillkaiser 5+ Jahre im GSV

    Welcome to the english section :)

    It's good to be able to communicate in your native tongue, isn't it? :) Unforunately this section of the forum seems quite deserted :(

    Well, to be honest - it's still a german discussion board, so the majority of users just simply speak german (me included, I just happened to enjoy many years of conversation with me ex-wife in a mixture of english, german and portuguese - so I'm still quite used to reading and speaking english), so the vast part of communication happens just outside of this section.

    Anyhow... grilled goods taste good - no matter what language the artist used to cuss about the misfortune of touching "the machine" with bare hands :)

  3. DonGeilo

    DonGeilo Topics commissioner 10+ Jahre im GSV

    Now you have one problem: In this part of the forum you should be prepared for our horrific use of the english language.

    Then you might think "You spider" or "I barrel it not". ;)
  4. OP

    derTexaner Fleischtycoon 5+ Jahre im GSV

    too right! as long as none of you "go on my cookies" it should be alright :rotfll:
  5. QBorg

    QBorg Grillkaiser 5+ Jahre im GSV

    ah, no problem... just think for yourself ... "go slide me down the hump" and smile about...

    Because we germans... we also like to ask... "When do I become a steak" ... :)
  6. ScholleOV

    ScholleOV Fleischtycoon 5+ Jahre im GSV

    spend one year in england 12 years ago. my english turned so bad, unbelevable. Think I have to practice, speaking still works fine, after 3 pints... :-)
  7. cookacrisis

    cookacrisis Bundesgrillminister

    As Lothar Mathäus used to say: i like to play with my balls:rotfll:

  8. Niacin

    Niacin Veganer 5+ Jahre im GSV


    Maybe i can improve my english skills in here :)

    Looks like someone will be posting in this area soon :D


  9. bbq4you

    bbq4you Grillkaiser 10+ Jahre im GSV

    Hola Tejano,

    no bull anymore. Texans don't talk english and there pets are armadillos :thumb1:

    Viva New Mexico

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 17. Juni 2010
  10. Widex

    Widex Metzger 5+ Jahre im GSV

    Welcome to this forum section!

    Lets torture each other with our languages :rotfll:

    There's no business like BBQ business!
  11. Sizzle-Joe

    Sizzle-Joe Vegetarier 5+ Jahre im GSV

    hey ya'll - has been a while when I went to school in Bandera, Texas - The cowboy capital of the world!
    Just been over there a few weeks ago - and actually just about to pick up two lovely girls from Houston comin' over for the weekend!

    So take care and talkin' to y'a soon
  12. OP

    derTexaner Fleischtycoon 5+ Jahre im GSV

    well send one of 'em my way :grün:
  13. OP

    derTexaner Fleischtycoon 5+ Jahre im GSV

    you know it's true! we're the Bavarians of the USA
  14. peppy

    peppy Grillkaiser 5+ Jahre im GSV

    That explains why I had that much problems in understanding my colleague from Texas (till I finetuned my ears a little). Some Bavarians are hard to understand (even for Germans)! :-D
  15. Frank

    Frank Grillgott 5+ Jahre im GSV

    all of them.....:schnellwech9999:
  16. softman56

    softman56 Militanter Veganer

    hell yeah, you're totally right!
    even i got some understanding probs from time to time and german is actually my mother language :D:D
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