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How to choose the Inkbird sensors?


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Hi all,

Now, we have many grillthermometers, we try to collect some information and give our users a better shopping experience.

If you need an Inkbird, which model you need, and how you choose the sensors? Now we have 4 thermometers and 5 types of sensors. Please kindly tell us more information, we may change the options now. Eg: IBT-6X with 2* meat sensors(for IBT-6X), 2* grill sensor, and 2* clips.

Inkbird IBT-4XS bluetooth thermometer up to 4 sensors, there's magnetic design and Rotating screen, 1000mAh bulid in Li-Battery.

IBT-4X 15% off code: NFSKZ23H
Start from 18:00 today.




Inkbird IRF-2S wireless thermometer with receiver,2 sensor holders. Range more than 300 meters outdoor,much better than Maverick.

IRF-2S 15% off code: PS8OGJES
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Inkbird IBT-6X bluetooth thermometer up to 6 sensors.



Inkbird IBT-2X bluetooth thermometer 2 sensors.



There're 5 types of sensors here. Could you please tell me which Inkbird you like the best, and if you can choose the sensors, which one you need?

Sensor 1( for IBT-6X):

Sensor 2 (for IBT-2X)


Sensor 3 (for IRF-2S and IBT-4XS)


Sensor 4 (grill sensor)


Sensor 5( clip)


Please tell us more information and we will do it better.
We want to know more how the BBQ lovers like the Inkbird themometers and which sensors you need, please tell us more ideas if you can choose the ideal one.

For example, if I order an IBT-6X, I do not need 6 same sensors, I need 2* sensor 1, and 2 * sensor 4 for grill and 2* clip
I really like #1 because they have this rugged touch to them due to the stainless steel handle. Still I also like the idea of having one ambient sensor included, so my ideal package would be

3 * #1
1 * #4/#5

Can the sensors be arbitrarily interchanged between models i. e. same sensor for IBT-4XS and IBT-6X? #5 looks interesting as well. Where can I get those?


if there are at least 3 sensors in a set, one of them should be an oven sensor #4, like the set from the pictrue IRF-2S .
as normal sensor i would prefere sensor #1.
The manual of the 4XS says, you mustn't use the sensor for the oven - despite delivering a holder for the oven - what's wrong here?
Plus - can you elaborate on other differences between 6X and 4XS apart from the amount of probes?
Any difference in Range?

What I saw:
6X - battery, no magnet

4XS - built in battery, magnet holder

What are other differences?
Why can't you use probe #3 on IBT-2X?
I have an IBT-6X, the reason to buy this model where the 6 probes, but I wouldn't buy it anymore because of the technical disadvantages of Bluetooth.
If I would be allowed to design a thermometer, it would have at least 4 probes, #1 or similar to #3 but (almost) straight, not angled, with wireless signal (no Bluetooth) and changeable batteries (during my last 17 hour long job the batteries run out of power, so i have to change them).
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