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March 2019 Giveaway: Inkbird IRF-4S Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable thermometer


Hi,GSV friends

Morning, Mamie, from Inkbird, is here.
Inkbird would like to do a giveaway activity of IRF-4S(BBQ Funkthermometer, wasserdicht mit 1000mAh Akku) from 16th March-22th March.

1.Starkes Funksignal mit bis zu 500 Meter Reichweite.
2.Mit Magnetfuß zur Befestigung am Smoker, Grill oder Ofen.
3.Großes LCD Display mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung: großer Betrachtungswinkel von bis zu 100 Grad, sehr gute Lesbarkeit sowohl in der Dunkelheit als auch bei starker Sonneneinstrahlung

1,ONLY for DE friends and ONE winner(picked up randomly)
2, Leave a comment to state where and what you want to use the IRF-4S;
3, We will give 7 days, winners will be selected at the end of 22th March, 2019.
4, For the winners, we will contact you and send our the Inkbird at that, please test and share something in the forum after you use the Inkbird in cooking.

Good luck!!!

Also, here are 20% discount code for three BBQ thermometer:5DUVB33E
IRF-4S: BBQ wireless thermometer, waterproof with 1000mAh battery
20% CODE: 5DUVB33E

IBT-4XS: Bluetooth BBQ RechargeableThermometer with Magnet
20% CODE: 5DUVB33E

IBT-6X: Bluetooth BBQ thermometer with 6 probes
20% CODE: 5DUVB33E

Thank you for your guys supporting all the time,please feel free to send us message if you have any question on Inkbird units.





Wir haben einen neuen Artikel auf den Markt gebracht, den Inkbird IRF-4S.
Da es sich um ein neues Produkt handelt, hätten wir großes Interesse an Ihren Erfahrungen:
1. Haben Sie schlechte Erfahrungen mit dem Produkt gemacht?
2. Haben Sie Verbesserungsvorschläge?
Vielen Dank für Ihren Kauf und die Unterstützung.
Für die Beantwortung der Fragen wäre ich sehr dankbar.
Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Tag.


i have already the 2S, am very happy with it, but the 4 S would be perfect. :D


5+ Jahre im GSV
I really like the action you have created here :thumb2:

It's also a good affiliate activity to extend your business.

I like to have one of yours an would do several tests in my environment.
I have a Ready Check and an iGrill2 and can offer you a comparision between these diveces and yours if you like.

And of course I'm a private BBQ-Fan and using my Grills twice a week.

Many thanks and best regards,



5+ Jahre im GSV
I need a thermometer with radio signal because bluetooth is not available in my bed, when BBQing. I would do pulled beef and pork with it. Of course I'll write a review for that thermometer. I have several thermometers from Maverick and IKEA and one Inkird 2S. The Inkbird ist my favourite, but has too less probes and the signal strength is a little too weak. The IRF-4S would be great.


I'd need the IRF-4S because, I dont' own a 4 probe thermometer yet.


Militanter Veganer
That's great! I would use it in my unfinished outdoor kitchen. IT's perfect, because i had no chance to install the roof yet. IRF-4S is the best additional to my bbq set.
Thanks for the Chance!


Militanter Veganer
Still searching for a Thermometer for my brand new Napoleon Prestige 500. Its my first premium Gasgrill, so that's why I would like to test the premium thermometer


I use your IBT 4 XS and it works. But I would also like to use your new IRF 4S.

And if interessted in a feedback for the IBT 4XS, I got 2 little things.
1. The BT Connection is ok in the garden. If step into my house in one or two rooms away, the connection get lost.
2. In your App I don't found a way to just "watch" a temperature. There a lot possibilities for different meat or to set your own limit for a temperature.
And if it goes over or under the temperature, the allert starts. Of course, that's the job ;)

But I would like a to have a chance just to check the temperature without an allert. Just nice to have


Mr. Zitat
5+ Jahre im GSV
Hi Mamie,

very nice new Thermometer :thumb2:.
4 probes and several hundred meters reach, cool :-).
With this gadget i can make bbq at home, and simultaneously drink beer at the neigbours :D.
I like it :thumb1:.

Greetings from the bavarian forest


Militanter Veganer
Hi, first post I think, but the thermometer would fit nicely to the soon to be brought birthday present, which will be my first real gasgrill.


Militanter Veganer
5+ Jahre im GSV
My BBQ-station is on the end of the garden, so a thermo with a big range is needed, and with 4 probes it would be perfect for using it simulataniosly on my smoker and classic bbq. Although, there is no roof yet, so the thermo being waterproof fits in perfectly :-)

Thanks for the chance!


5+ Jahre im GSV
Hello Inkbird,

Since my Maverick only has a feeler, I need a new thermometer.
The IRF-4S I am very interested



Good Morning Mamie :-)

an very good idea from you. I havy two thermometers, but only with 2 probes. But I need one with 4 oder more probes.

I will happy to geht the IRF-4S.

Thank you for your assistant and best regards


5+ Jahre im GSV
Das wäre ein toller Nachfolger für mein defektes Maverick!


I just need a new thermometer! My old one is broken and had only 3 probes. That means a new one with 4 probes would be great. Have a good day


Militanter Veganer
Hi Mamie,,

it would be a huge pleasure to me to test the inkbird - just because on the weekend my cheap amazon solution passed the way!

Sure I will share my experience here with the inkbird !

I'd love to hear from you!



10+ Jahre im GSV
Hello, I am very interested in this new wireless thermometer. I already have the IBT-6x, but the Bluetooth connection tears off frequently. Would be great if I had a product that would not happen.
best wishes oliver
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