Fast and easy


Very easy


  1. Here we have an Aioli recipe from my spanish pal when you have not much time for preparation, or you're not in the mood for long stirring and dripping all over
  2. You need a high tumbler where your hand-held blender fits in well.
  3. Insert egg, salt, pepper and garlic.
  4. Add a goot portion of oil (for a more beefy taste you can use oliveoil) and start blending. You'll see the mass gets stiff quickly. If it is too liquid add oil and continue blending.
  5. If you're comfortable with the amount and consitency season to taste with salt and pepper and add a little lemmon juice.
  6. Very quick, very tasty and there's not much room for a mistake.


Heute schnell zubereitet und ewig gerätselt, was denn da fehlt. Beim Abschmecken noch etwas Zucker dazu und es ist perfekt. :) Zutaten kann man ruhig frei Schnauze machen, bei mir war das zu viel Knoblauch.