Saltimbicca with Pleurotus mushoom with bacon and salvia

Nice apertizer when guests arrive.


30 min.

  1. Clean the mushrooms and cut in thin slices, but not too thin. Cut the bacon matching the size of the mushroom slices. Wash the salvia leaves and dry with a paper cloth.
  2. But very little salt on the mushoom slices (due to the bacon) and season with pepper. Put one slice of bacon and slavia on each mushroom slice. Push toothpicks trough to stabilize. Tip: In case the salvia leaves are too small take 2-3 to cover.
  3. Heat butter in a pan and put the mushrroms 2-3 mins in the pan at medium heat. Cool with little riessling wine
  4. Serve the mushooms with white bread. Tip: In princible you can use any mushrrom but such ones with solid stam are preferred.