Smoked chicken using the Smokenator

Grilled chicken on the rotisserie with beech smoke flavour.


80 min.

  1. Blend the spices and put in a bag. Additionally put the chicken in the bag so that the spices spread over it. Let rest.
  2. Put the chicken on the skewer of the rotissierie.
  3. Put 32 charcoal brriketts in the smokenator and 12 in the ignition chimney. Soak the wood chips in water.
  4. Distribute the hot coals evenly over the cold in the smokenator and fill the bowl with water. Drain the water from the ciips and put the wood chips on the coals
  5. Adjust the temperature in about 180 degrees celsius. After about 80 mins the chicken is finished. Enjoy.

Kann man da nicht Hahn oder Hähnchen hin schreiben? ???? Ich musste erstmal Google fragen was ein Cockerel ist.