Pork leg

Pork leg is a classic. This recipe uses cinnamon. A very special flavor.



  1. You can ask the butcher to cut the skin of the pork leg into small squares. Don't remove it. The legs should go on the spit in line with opposite directions. Place the spit next to the bone.
  2. Mix a marinade from oil, cinnamon, honey and salt, and mop the leg with it. Barbecue it on the rotisserie for 50-70 minutes depending on the size. Place a dripping pan beneath, and mop the legs with the fat from the pan.
  3. Sidedish: mixed salad or coleslaw with diced bacon.

Waren die Haxe vorgekocht oder noch roh?

50 Minuten waren bei mir zu lange (Gasgrill Camping Gaz RBS Grande). 40 Minuten reichen auch (kleinere Haxe ca. 15 cm Durchmesser).