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Salmon and Swordfish


Hi grillers!

Here I am with my first grill on this forum.
Salmon and Swordfish on Q1400.
I used two slices of Salmon (400g) and Swordfish (500g).
First, when I took the slices out of fridge, I dried them with paper. Sorry if swordfish is divided, but we cooked it in the oven for my little children (2 years old) because he has dinner before us.

Then, I greased fish with extra-vergin olive oil.

And rubbed them with a rub made by my girlfriend's mother (made with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, sage and laurel) not much because it's salty.

Ok. After preparation, I set temperature on approximately 200°C with closed lid.


Ther was a very good aroma when the slices started grilling. As you can see in the photo I put my thermometer in the little slice of Swordfish on the left.
3 minutes per side, lid closed, 58° in the heart of the slice and the fishes were ready.

Served with a good Muller Thurgau Brut (a wine made in Italy, SudTirol).

The slices were very very good, especially Salmon.
58° in the heart is the perfect temperature to obtain well cooked fish without drying it. Fish was very soft and juicy. Perfect, for me.

So I left you with a photo tooked from my balcony:

Greetings from Livorno (Tuscany)!!!:vino:


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Sorry for my mistakes. Muller Thurgau is a German wine made in Sudtirol u_u (one of my favourites with fish)
Well done, indeed, Nerevar. And nothing wrong with the white wine with the fish (even if it was not a German wine ;) ).


PS: And yes, you might be right. German language isn't really what you would call easy.... so, don't worry.
Gerhard, @Bär , the little problem is that I don't speak German at all, so I need to translate this forum and its buttons in Italian. The problem is that if I translate German to Italian, google translate automatically translates my thread from English to Italian, so I need to translate first and then return back in German and write my thread in English. It's very long.

However, Italian Wikipedia says that Muller Thurgau is a German Wine, English wiki says is a Swiss wine, I don't know what German wiki says, I presume it says that is an Italian wine :hmmmm: next time I will drink a Vernaccia of San Gimignano, so I'll be sure about the origin of my wine (Tuscany!!!)

Just a question: do you have instruction about cleaning the Q1400? It's not so easy :(
Good morning Nerevar!

Ah, I see, you don't speak German at all. Well, this makes things easy, I'm pretty sure. :evil:

If you write from Tuscany, may I assume, you're Italien? If so, we have someting to share about languages, because I don not speak Italien at all. ;) Even worse, I'm afraid I cannot help you with your Q1400 problem, since I'm not familiar with this one, sorry. But if I were you, and did not find help in a BBQ forum, I think I would try to search the www for cleaning a Q1400 or ask Weber directly. However, you've done this alreday, don't you?

Anyway, wish you success with your question.

Yes, I'm Italian ;)
At the moment I'm cleaning the barbecue with some products that I use for my kitchen. As soon as possible I think I will buy the Weber Q cleaner, and contact Weber to let them explain me how to use it...
Just turn it off and dont clean the grill.
The fat and oil protect the grill and help to avoid Rust.

Next time you Start the grill to maximum heat and burn all down (about 20) minutes. Then rub the grill with the 3sided brush. If youre done, take an old towel and take off the dust. Put oil (with another towel or brush) On and Start grilling ;)

You can clean the room underneath your grillage: it just needs to get off the rough dirt and fat. I clean this area using some wooden kithentools and shave the mess into the aluminiumfoil-thing ( ;) ) that catches the fat.

thank you for this thread. :-D

Your fish & and also your view from your balcony looks very fine. :thumb2:

Best regards,
Hello Nerevar,

without knowing your thread before I described yesterday by accident how I clean my Weber Q 1400. It is in German, but perhaps you can just copy my text and paste it in google translater (or whatever translater you use). The thread headline for the search is:
Elektrogrill vs Gasgrill gleichen Typs - welcher besser zu reinigen?

Even easier for you, I just copy the text passage where I wrote about my cleaning experience:

Nach einigen Vergrillungen kann ich folgende Reinigungs-Erfahrungen hinzufügen:
-der Weber Q 1400 lässt sich relativ einfach reinigen, ich heize ihn auf voller Pulle nach dem Grillen für 20 min hoch, dann mit Stahlbürste den Rost freibürsten => damit ist der Rost wirklich sauber und es kann wieder gegrillt werden. Bei den Gasgrills (habe bei einem Freund bei einem Ender Grill mal zugeschaut) ist der Rost nach dem Freibrennen wohl zwar sauberer als nach dem Hochheizen eines Elektrogrills, aber nach kurzem Bürsten ist das Ergebnis das gleiche. Also das sollte kein Argument gegen einen Elektrogrill sein.
-am besten auch ab und zu nach dem Abbürsten der Oberseite auch mal den Rost wenden und genau das gleiche auf der Unterseite machen, sonst wachsen schwarze Reste zapfenförmig nach unten
-gelegentlich den Innenraum des Grills (also damit meine ich nicht den Deckel, sondern das unter den Heizspiralen) mit einem Schaber in Richtung des Fettabtropflochs freischaben, ich nehme dafür einen langstieligen Holzschaber, damit ich die Heizspirale nicht rausschrauben muss.

Hopefully I could help you a little bit.


By the way: MOLTE GRAZIE for your exact description of your grilling, so that I can easily try out - and you posted very nice pictures :ola:
@Durchbrenner thank for your istructions. I was able to translate them with google translate and it's quite clear.

Next week I think I will try my first indirect grill with Q1400: Smoked Louisville Chicken Wings *_*
Italian Wikipedia says that Muller Thurgau is a German Wine, English wiki says is a Swiss wine, I don't know what German wiki says, I presume it says that is an Italian wine
Müller-Thurgau is a grape, not a wine. It was developed in Germany by a swiss guy by the name of - taTAA - Hermann Müller-Thurgau, in 1882. He was born Hermann Müller in the Swiss canton Thurgau. The grape is also called Rivaner, being a crossing between Riesling and Sylvaner. Wines made from it tend to be very rich in aroma. Not my taste, BTW. I'd prefer a pure Riesling or Sylvaner every day.
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