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inkbird bbq

  1. Inkbird

    March 2019 Giveaway: Inkbird IRF-4S Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable thermometer

    Hi,GSV friends Morning, Mamie, from Inkbird, is here. Inkbird would like to do a giveaway activity of IRF-4S(BBQ Funkthermometer, wasserdicht mit 1000mAh Akku) from 16th March-22th March. Points: 1.Starkes Funksignal mit bis zu 500 Meter Reichweite. 2.Mit Magnetfuß zur Befestigung am Smoker...
  2. Inkbird

    Inkbird-2018 Amazon Prime day offers

    All, Sorry to tell you that some of the prime day Limited time offers were cancelled by amazon suddenly. So we made some changes, we extended the discount time as below. Enjoy them if needed. Thanks! Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Magnet Grill Timer Thermometer + 4 Edelstahl Messfühler...
  3. Inkbird

    Inkbird Thermometer & Temperaturregler Giveaway in Feb 2018

    Hi all, Nice day! We were off for the Chinese New Year from 14th Feb, 2018 ~ 22th Feb, 2018. So there' s delay reply on your messages. Please kindly understand. Today, we want to release another giveaway here. Totally 12 units as below. Inkbird IBT-2X: 5 units (second hand) Inkbird IBT-4XS...
  4. Inkbird

    Special Offers,20% Code for Inkbird IBT-4XS and IBS-TH1

    Hi,all This week,there are some special offers of Inkbird IBT-4XS and IBS-TH1. Inkbird IBT-4XS is a bluetooth thermometer with magnetic design on the back, and you can rotate the screen by double click the home key. There's build-in 1000mAh Li-Battery. Inkbird IBT-4XS,20% code: 2KXVV7QY...
  5. Inkbird

    Inkbird 2018 New Release Foldable BBQ Thermometer Special Offers

    Hi all, Have a nice day! This week, WE released our new Foldable Magnet Digital BBQ Food Cooking Thermometer. Inkbird HET-F001,15% off,Code:MIHQ5FHI https://www.amazon.de/dp/B078RLHYWD Special offers last for 7 days(January.9-15th) More products details here. Fast Readout: The...
  6. Inkbird

    2017 Inkbird Christmas & New Year Giveaway and Special Offers

    Hi all, For 2017 Christmas,WE offer some giveaway units and special offers as below. Giveaway units 1* Inkbird IBT-6X 1* Inkbird IRF-2S 1* Inkbird IBT-4XS(Second-hand) Please leave a comment stated the model you want to try, WE will pick up the winners next week. Special offers as...
  7. Inkbird

    Inkbird Flashing Deal!Amazing new release!

    Hi all:-):-):D:D~ Nice Monday! Luckily,you come in !I can't wait telling two good news to you! Flashing Deal : Inkbird IBT-2X Time: 19:30~23:30 PM Aug 28, 2017 Price from €20,90~€24,30 Link https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MG7KLCI Another amazing thing~ A new product is coming,and if you...
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