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  1. Inkbird

    How to choose the Inkbird sensors?

    Hi all, Now, we have many grillthermometers, we try to collect some information and give our users a better shopping experience. If you need an Inkbird, which model you need, and how you choose the sensors? Now we have 4 thermometers and 5 types of sensors. Please kindly tell us more...
  2. Inkbird

    To giveaway some Inkbird IBT-2X,IBT-6X BBQ grillthermometer

    Hi all, About 1 month ago, we announced that we will release our new versions thermometers on about Mid Sep, but there's factors for the delay, we will have a long holidays from 1st~8th Otc,2017. To make up this, we send some free units for you all as compensation. IBT-6X*2(second hand...
  3. Inkbird

    15% discount code for Inkbird IBT-6X Barbeque thermometer

    Hi all, Greeting from Inkbird! Just like the price for the new Inkbird IBT-6X BBQ thermometer. Code: INKBIRD6 The first link in my signature, I'm not sure if it's ok to add a link directly (I paid for the signature, 9 versions are available. Duration: long-team available for GSV members...
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