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[Verkaufe] How to sell something here?


5+ Jahre im GSV
Hi all,

This is Marina from Inkbird, we are BBQ thermometer seller.

Since I'm new in the forum, I do not much about the rules sometimes. Today, I find the advertising, and I paid for 3,they are advertiser, signature link,Classifieds

Now, I've edited my signature, there're 2 links,ehehe. But I'm not sure what to do next, there's no guidelines for my reference about the posting under advertising.

For example, if I want to give 15% discount code for the Inkbird IBT-6X, where I can post this thread, can I post a product link together with the discount code? Also, If I want to giveaway an Inkbird, where I can post post this thread, can I add a product link? I need to ask the Admin to arrange for the giveaway or do it myself?

After I have some news, I will give some discount and giveaway some Inkbird thermometers here, please keep an eye or follow us.

Thanks so much!

Oben Unten