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As an eBay-partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase.

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Pizza Party

5+ Jahre im GSV
I'm Simone, from Pizza Party, italian wood fired oven and gas fired oven producer.
I make a special offer for forum member interested to buy our oven.
Official shop online PizzaPartyShop.com
IT web site Forni-a-legna.com
EN web site Wood-Fired-Pizza-Oven.us

News 2017 gas fired pizza oven Bollore and Passione
Some Video by Massimo Currò, delicious Neapolitan pizza in Passione oven
Discover Pizzone oven
Maintains the excellent quality of the other models that have been appreciating for years, has a large stovetop that allows it to be ideal for those who want to cook 3-4 round pizzas simultaneously.

The special design allows it to be very easy to transport, has the record: lighter Pizzone is the wood oven on the market compared to similar sized wood ovens. In fact it only weighs 69 kg (152.12 lb.) with refractory bricks assembled and without 39kg (85 lb.) (ideal condition for long shift). Lightness is important to use it all year indoor or outdoor.

All wood fired vovens mobile Pizza Party with efficiency, quality and ease of movement are excellent wood oven mobile to domestic use and professional use for pizza catering, private parties and street food.
more info http://www.wood-fired-pizza-oven.us/wood-fired-oven-mobile-pizzone-4-pizze/
Official shop online PizzaPartyShop.com
IT web site Forni-a-legna.com
EN web site Wood-Fired-Pizza-Oven.us

External size 70 x 90 cm = 0.63 mq (27” ½ x 35” 7/16)
Cook top internal size 60 x 80 cm = 0.48 mq (23” 5/8 x 31” 1/2)
Weight 69 kg (152.12 lb.)
Weight without bricks
39 kg (85 lb.)
Average consumption 3 Kg/h (6 lb./h)
Pizzas 4 round pizzas or a long 60-80cm
Available colours
Max temperature recommended
550 ºC – 1022 ºF
Indoor dome material
Stainless Steel 304 18/10 to increase durability!
Checks the quality doesn’t stick the magnet!
External dome material
Painted Aluminum: easy to clean and long durability
Insulator material
Professional ecological ceramic fiber “high density”
By purchasing a Pizza Party Pizzone will have included in the price:
Wood fired oven, Spartifiamma, Alzalegna, regulated flue, chimney, traditional door without glass, thermometer, 8 + 2 firebricks, save front, and offer FRONT WITH LARGE MOUTH AND FIRENZE STYLE
Dear Simone, thanks for introducing, nice looking product but nothing new. Do you really think grillsportverein is the right place to publish your adverts every few weeks?
Don't worry and enjoy the Sunday.
Cheers, Wolfgang
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Arista arrosto nel forno a legna - Pork loin in wood fired oven - Schweinebraten im Holzofen
Unfortunately you have not enough postings to send you PM
Is there a special price for GSV members ?
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